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Windbuilders has been established by senior professionals with a long record of service in Poland and within the international power industry.


Windbuilders is targeting the development and operation of wind farms in Poland in close cooperation with investors and with local specialists, authorities and other relevant stakeholders.


Through the comprehensive experience and partnership with key players in the industry Windbuilders is able to identify prime projects and manage the implementation of these while adding value to all phases of the development.


Close connections to local partners and authorities in Poland secures a smooth execution of projects and the comprehensive know how and experience of the team secure the selection of qualified project participants and an efficient and cost conscious cooperation between all parties involved in the selected projects.

Full management control and tight financial control of projects is the key success parameters for the Windbuilders team, and the avenue to secure the optimal performance and long-term durability of each individual wind farm.


The development of wind farms is done in cooperation with selected investors.


After certification of commercial operation Windbuilders takes the responsibility for operation and maintenance through the involvement of external specialists and remain part owner of the plant in accordance with the preference of the investors.




All the best,


Erik Hoffmann-Petersen, Marek Brones & Allan Forrest

Managing Director Director Director


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